Supporting data from my journal publications is provided below.  In many cases, these datasets were labor-intensive to produce but in the interest of transparency, I am providing them here.  I ask that you please cite the relevant journal publication as noted below if you make use of these datasets in your own research.  If you are unsure about how to use the data responsibly, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  I will update these as often as possible but if there is a particular dataset that you want and don’t see here, please contact me via email.

Datasets for Scown et al. 2013 ES&T:

Maximum average annual ethanol fraction in E85

Notes: Based on EPA regulations by volatility regions, assuming gasoline/E85 consumption can be approximated as constant throughout the year

Full citation: Scown, C.D.; Taptich, M.; Horvath, A.; McKone, T. E.; Nazaroff, W. W. Achieving Deep Cuts in the Carbon Intensity of US Automobile Transportation by 2050: Complementary Roles for Electricity and Biofuels. Environ. Sci. Technol. 2013, 47 (16).  Journal access or free access to unformatted version and Supporting Information

Datasets for Scown et al. 2011 ES&T:

Inventory results by water source

Coal power plant inventory

Nuclear power plant inventory

Power generation geospatial breakdown

County FIPS to NERC region mapping

County FIPS to NERC region mapping documentation

Documentation for electricity generation

Uranium mine locations

Uranium mining documentation

Coal mining locations

Coal mining activity breakdown by county FIPS

Coal mining documentation

Steel mill locations

Rubber and plastics manufacturing locations

Chemical manufacturing locations

Petroleum refinery locations

Natural gas extraction locations

Glass, clay, and sand production locations

Ethanol plant locations

Corn agriculture locations

Surface and groundwater indices

Surface and groundwater indices documentation

GHG intensity of water supply

Full citation: Scown, C. D.; Horvath, A.; McKone, T. E. Water Footprint of U.S. Transportation Fuels. Environ. Sci. Technol. 2011, 45 (7), 2541–2553.  Journal access or free access to unformatted version and Supporting Information


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