Current Projects

This page is woefully out of date. Updates coming soon.

California Energy Commission, Electric Program Investment Charge (EPIC)

  • Lead PI: Paths to Sustainable Distributed Generation through 2050:  Matching Local Waste Biomass Resources with Grid, Industrial, and Community Needs
  • Co-PI: Enabling Anaerobic Digestion Deployment for Municipal Solid Waste-to-Energy

Joint BioEnergy Institute, Founder & VP – Life-cycle, Economics & Agronomy Division (LEAD)

  • Technoeconomic Analysis and Life-Cycle Assessment of Advanced Bio-based Fuels and Bioproducts
  • National Scenario Analysis for Scale-Up of Bio-based Fuels and Products Using Engineered Feedstocks
  • Field Trials for Wild Type and Engineered Sorghum and Switchgrass


  • PI: Technoeconomic Analysis of Biosouring Control Strategies

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